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5 / 5
"It was accurate and gave me a sense of clarification about where I am. Thank you!"
- Dorina
5 / 5
"Realizing that it's time to move on with my current relationship, and that I should no longer hold out hope for a reconcilliation. Also, that I am about to meet someone new."
- Richard
4 / 5
"Love advice "
5 / 5
"Made me see what could I expect for next week"
- Dorina
5 / 5
"I find the report very helpful, greatly inspires me. Thank you!"
- Gloria
5 / 5
"The reading help me understand that it's divine timing be patient."
- Coll
5 / 5
"Helped me to keep looking inwards to myself and lose doubts in my mind."
- Cristian
5 / 5
"That's me...thanks for this. It will guide me through all this. "
- Muriel
5 / 5
"Helped me with a lot of internal work I have to do in order to move forward. Thank you, it all makes sense."
- Ana
5 / 5
"Thank you the reading! Was so true and i will follow the advice."
- Ann-Mari
5 / 5
"Gave me relationship possibilities and good advice."
- January
5 / 5
"Helped me a lot thank you."
- Jacky
5 / 5
"Seems approprite to my life right now."
- Vikki
5 / 5
"All good! Thank you!"
- Shayne
5 / 5
"Helped me understanding my self an have no fear or douts."
- Christina An Mike
5 / 5
"Thank you. The report lined up exactly with my current circumstances and future direction. "
- Morna
5 / 5
"Helped me to trust in my intuition and instincts to express myself. Trying to better understand and to make choices from a more natural staying point? I will adopt an attitude of "Live and let live" as suggested. Thanks for the reading. I have some work to do on myself now."
- Linda
4 / 5
"Thank you. I wanted some clarity about what is happening in my life and where I am going in 2019."
- Sarah
5 / 5
"Overall most things helped me. Especially about my feeling and upcoming events."
- Sharon
5 / 5
"It helped me to get a better understanding of my self."
- Pat
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