What is the Tarot?

What is the Tarot?

Tarot is a practice rich with history and cultural knowledge. It is a science of the mind.

Through its development, Tarot cards have absorbed the wisdom, the narratives, the philosophies, the cultural anthropology, and the moral lessons of many societies, many religions, and many schools of thought. It represents the spectrum of human archetypal conditions and personalities, which can be used by the modern-day practitioner for psychological projective evaluation. The Tarot helps us look within ourselves to understand our emotions, the reasoning behind our words and conduct, and the source of our conflicts.

When studying the imagery and symbols of the cards in a Tarot spread, we activate our imagination. That imagination then activates our intuition, which is often the only instrument we have that channels a clear path for us to the truth of matter. That truth is often found in the unconscious. Tarot analytics can extrapolate what is other latent in the unconscious archives of our mind and raise our truths to the surface of our consciousness.

It is about accessing the unconscious.
It is about accessing the unconscious.

Skeptics will say that there is no objective truth to the Tarot, only the subjective. We project our personal stories into the card meanings and make that our truth. And, you know what: that is exactly right. And that is exactly how it helps people gain insight into situations that otherwise seemed hopeless, because of stress, frustration, and everyday worries cluttering the consciousness and obstructing their view of the solution. We reconcile our personal story with the narrative of the cards and through that process begin to see our own situation through new perspectives and from different angles. Forks in the path that can positively change our outcome are illuminated. We begin to see our options. That is how the Tarot can help. It is subjective, and it tells you exactly what you know, but have not yet permitted your conscious mind to confront. It is about accessing the unconscious.

The Tarot is our counselor. We consult it for the same reasons we consult our mothers, our best friends, confidants, grandfathers, spiritual leaders, holy books, inspirational and motivational literature, mentors, and teachers. We seek understanding through the wisdom that others have acquired so that we may, in turn, nurture our own wisdom.

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