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Based on 3.560 ratings.

MyTarotLife is one of the best rated Tarot sites on the internet!

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4 / 5
"Feeling like the choices I am now making will lead to better things and my instincts/intuition are spot on. Even with, or especially with, recognizing my own flaws."
- Kevin
5 / 5
"it helped me see that ive worked on a project and i have a chance to proceed with it and be succesful thank you"
- Pauline
5 / 5
"Yes, I already know about it, but you told me my truly feelings, thanks "
- Deisi
5 / 5
"Reassuring me that the situations that no longer benefit me should go and what I want is available if I change my thinking "
- Bonnie
5 / 5
"It made me think about the changes I should make."
- Pauline
5 / 5
"It has helped with everything. Thankyou Sharon 5 Stars."
- Sharon
5 / 5
"What I have read is true to me, so hopefully things wil change for the better in my life finally."
5 / 5
"To see more clearly"
- Catherine
5 / 5
"It gives me clarity, a deeper understanding, supporting my mind, heart Thank you"
- Claudia
5 / 5
"Confidence and hope for the future "
- Judi
5 / 5
"Spot on. Spoke to me on a deep level and really will help guide me in the coming months in my current struggle. Thank you!"
- Kimberly
5 / 5
"Helped me with my overall situation with a current love interest"
- Pamela
4 / 5
"Finding things about myself "
- Lence
5 / 5
"Understanding more on myself such as my strengths and weaknesses "
- Poh
4 / 5
"Better than the others "
- Nitya
5 / 5
"It pointed out the problems I am facing and it's up to me to figure out how to handle them. There's no way anyone can help me"
- Etta
5 / 5
"it was very good "
- Diane
5 / 5
"Very much with a decision I am making a out changing jobs and moving forward with my life. Thank you !!"
- Jill
5 / 5
"I learned that I need to listen to myself and my wants and needs."
- Yvonne
5 / 5
"Put out there what I really already new , but it is good to have another perspective "
- Kim
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